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The International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2011), the world’s leading Semantic Web research conference,  is hosting an Industry Track to invite the business community to present products and services that leverage Semantic Web technologies and/or enrich the Semantic Web ecosystem. The International Semantic Web Conference  is the premiere networking conference for the professional and academic research community. Industry Track demonstrates the most recent evolution of Semantic Web technologies and applications development & research to a wider audience. We invite industry vendors to submit short proposals for this track. No formal paper is required. While such presentations can focus on vendor-branded products and services, we seek to allow vendors to (1) give more in-depth technical discussion about the specific aspects of Semantic Web technologies in their products and services; (2) explain how their products and services are helping transition clients into Semantic Web efforts; and (3) describe the innovative plans for their products and services that lead to the adoption of Semantic Web standards.

Accepted Presentations Industry Track

Tuesday 14:00 - 16:00

Peter Haase, Michael Schmidt

Everything Self‐Service: Linked Data Applications with the Information Workbench

Don Syme

F# Type Providers – Unleashing the Semantic Web with Programming Languages

Daniel Hansch

Practical applications of Semantic Wikis in commercial environments

Jörg Schönfisch, Florian Lautenbacher, Julian Lambertz and Willy Chen

Softplant Living Semantic Platform

Jarred McGinnis

Why Semantics Makes Sense for News Agencies

Makx Dekkers, Joao Frade, Stijn Goedertier, Nikos Loutas, Vassilios Peristeras and Gofran Shukair

A common metadata approach to support eGovernment interoperability

Tuesday 16:30 - 18:00

Florian Kondert, Helmut Nagy

Linked Data Based Enterprise Data Integration

Wen Zhu, Sumeet Vij

Semantic Mediation Bus™: An Ontology-based Runtime Infrastructure for Service Interoperability

Johannes Busse

Semantic Authoring with semAuth

Leo Sauermann, Bernhard Schandl

Refinder: A Semantic Social Productivity Tool

René Fleischhauer, Michael Stollberg

Automated Generation of Semantic Service Descriptions by Leveraging on Service Governance Models

Peter Mika, Ralph Rabbat, Philip Bohannon

Building a Web of Objects at Yahoo!