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Florian KleedorferBuilding a Web of Needs

Vit Novacek, Siegfried Handschuh and Stefan Decker. Why the Semantic Web Has Never Got Too Much of a Meaning and How to Put It Therefileadmin/iswc/Papers/outrageous/iswc2011outrageousid_submission_3.pdf

Christophe Guéret, Stefan Schlobach, Victor De Boer, Anna Bon and Hans Akkermans. Is data sharing the privilege of a few? Bringing Linked Data to those without the Web

Erietta Liarou and Stratos Idreos. Too Many Links in the Horizon; What is Next? Linked Views and Linked History

Karl Aberer, Alexey Boyarsky, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Gianluca Demartini and Oleg Ruchayskiy. An Integrated Socio-Technical Crowdsourcing Platform for Accelerating Returns in eScience

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Too Outrageous for Presentation?

These papers were submitted but not selected for presentation; they are eligible for voting.


Fabian Abel and Geert-Jan Houben. Payday on the Social Semantic Web

Stefan Schlobach, Kathrin Dentler and Christophe Guéret. Pragmatic Semantics for the Web of Data

Rosa Gil, Josep Maria Brunetti, Juan Manuel Gimeno and Roberto Garcia. Can Linked Data improve the User Experience (UX)?

Jayanth Paraki. Datamining and Telemedicine Challenges and Opportunities

Emanuele Della Valle and Stefan Schlobach. Harnessing a World of Orderings: Streaming Algorithms for the Semantic Web

Tom Heath. Aladdin: Augmenting Urban Environments with Local Area Linked Data-Casting

Andruid Kerne and Yin Qu. A Cross-Language Type System for Information Semantics

Thomas Loertsch. Graph Fabric – Being Native on the Web, Not Migrant

Denny Vrandecic. A Web That Does   

Roberto De Virgilio, Mario Risso and Michele Ruta. Semantic-based Data Management in RFID assisted Supply Chains

Chris J Van Aart, Anna Bon and Hans Akkermans. The Web of Voices: how to connect 4.5 billion internet-less people to the Web

Frederic Luchting and Kathrin Dentler. Soulmate   

Juan F. Sequeda and Olaf Hartig. Towards a Query Language for the Web of Data

Helena Piccinini, Marco Antonio Casanova, Antonio Furtado and Bernardo Pereira Nunes. Verbalization of RDF Triples with Applications


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