OASIS Symposium

Co-located Event

Monday,  October 24, 14:00

The common vision of the Semantic Web is the achievement of seamless and transparent interoperability of services across diverse providers by making themeaningful content of those services openly accessible. For content to become ‘meaningful’ it must be related to more general information schemes for which some semantics has already been provided. Such information schemes range from tag collections, which impose an indirect semantics by means of induced similarity across tagged entities to formal ontologies, which represent explicitly class-subclass relationships, the attributes of such classes as well as additional information that may be known about combinations of such classes and their instances. Whereas the semantic information that is explicitly maintained in ontologies might appear ideal for realizing the Semantic Web vision, substantial problems still render this goal difficult in practice. The OASIS symposium will address some of these problem areas.

You can sign up for the symposium when registering for the ISWC.