Second Linked Data-a-thon

The Linked Data-a-thon is sponsored by LATC - Linked Open Data Around-The-Clock.


In the past few years, the amount of data published on the Web following the Linked Data principles has increased dramatically. Everyday people are publishing datasets as Linked Data. However, application that make use of Linked Data are not mainstream yet. We invite researchers, developers and practitioner to participate and show the world what can be done with Linked Data, that could not be done before the Linked Data era.

The main goal of the Linked Data-a-thon competition is to develop innovative applications that showcase the benefits of Linked Data ... in two weeks! The spirit of this competition is to demonstrate what is possible with Linked Data, even in a short amount of time. The competition starts on October 1, 2011, and it closes 14 days later, on October 15, 2011. During this time each participating team works locally or remotely to develop a Linked Data based application that satisfies the requirements listed below. To enforce the spontaneous, hackathon-like nature of this competition, the applications must satisfy additional requirements that will be announced on October 1, 2011. Anybody can participate in this event and the submitted applications will be presented at the Linked Data gathering during ISWC 2011.

Mark these two weeks in your calendar, form a team, and get ready to start your favorite development environment when the Linked Data-a-thon starts on October 1. To express your impatience in the weeks before the start, share the fun and excitement during the Linked Data-a-thon, or to report your progress, we encourage the use of microblogging services or other means of social broadcasting, provided with the hashtag #ldthon2011.

Functional Requirements

Your application must:

  •     make use of Linked Data consumed from multiple data sources
  •     be able to make use of additional data from other Linked Data sources
  •     be accessible from the Web
  •     Special Requirement: ISWC 2011 Metadata -

Desirable Features (not mandatory)

Your application should:

  •     provide a user friendly interface
  •     has an end-user value
  •     show unexpected reuse of Linked Data through automatic discovery
  •     be available as Free Software; i.e. you should provide the source code as Open Source.

Participation Requirements

  •     At least one member of your group must be present at ISWC 2011. Otherwise, submit a video/screencast to be presented during the Linked Data gathering
  •     Publish a report on the web about your application


The evaluation of all submissions will consist of two parts: First, attendees at the Linked Data gathering will have a chance to listen to the presentations and vote for their favorite application, resulting in a ranking of the submissions. In addition to this ranking, a panel of judges will choose their winners. The final decision will be determined based on an equally weighted average of the panel voting and the attendees’ rankings.


Information about prizes will be published soon.

Important Dates



Announcement of specific requirements

October 1, 2011

Submission due

October 15, 2011

Applications are available on the Web for everybody to use

October 15 - 23, 2011

Linked Data gathering at ISWC where applications are showcased and attendees vote

October 23, 2011

Winners are announced

October 26, 2011


Programme Committee

  • Juan F. Sequeda
  • Olaf Hartig
  • Michael Hausenblas