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In many cases, non-EU nationals are required to obtain the entry permission (Schengen Visa) for Germany. Please consult the advices of the German Federal Foreign Office for further information regarding your country and visa requirements. School participants that are required to obtain an entry permission before entering Germany, can be provided with a ISWC '11 reference letters for respective German missions. We ask for your understanding that reference letters can only be issued after registration and payment of ISWC '11 participation fees (no exceptions).

Find more information here.

Letter of Invitation

For visa application, you may need an invitation letter. We normally send out the invitation letter by air mail if you check "need invitation letter" in the registration form. We also provide express delivery of invitation letters, we will send the letter by fax in any case to the participant, the embassy and the local office for foreign affairs.

Find more information about the letter of information here.