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Bonn has developed into a hub of international cooperation, in particular in the area of environment and sustainable development. In addition to a number of international organizations and institutions, such as the IUCN Environmental Law Center, the City currently hosts 17 United Nations institutions. Among these institutions are two of the so-called Rio Conventions, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change&nbsp and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. The number of UN agencies in Bonn, most of which are based at the newly established United Nations Campus in the city's former parliamentary quarter on the banks of the Rhine, continues to grow.

Bonn is the seat of some of Germany's largest corporate players, chiefly in the areas of telecommunications (telephones) and logistics. Simultaneously, Bonn is establishing itself as an important national and international centre of meetings, conventions and conferences, many of which are directly related to the work of the United Nations. A new conference centre capable of hosting thousands of participants is currently under construction in the immediate vicinity of the UN Campus. At present, the private sector plays a major role in Bonn's economy. With 5 stock listed companies, Bonn has the 4th highest market capitalisation amongst German towns. With headquarters of DHL, T-Mobile and other renowned companies, managers have replaced the public sector. -Wikipedia.

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Tourist Information Bonn and its region

City of Bonn

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We highly recommend a visit at the Museumsmeile with Haus der Geschichte (entrence for free), the Bundeskunsthalle or the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig . We collected a list of maps for you with places you might need or want to visit while you are in Bonn.

Hiking/ Trips to the surroundings




Ludendorff Bridge / Bridge at Remagen / Brücke von Remagen


Nürburgring (50 km distance) - Formula One


Drinking and eating

If you

  • love "Gummibärchen" - jelly bears - the factory outlet of Haribo is not far away from the conference venue.
  • like wine: Bonn is situated next to three wine growing areas: Mittelrhein and Mosel, which are famous for there white wines, and to Ahr, which is famous for the red wine.

Typical dishes at the Rhineland, especially in autumn, are Reibekuchen ( "Rievkoche" / "Kräbbelcher" ...) and "Döppekooche" (incl. bacon), both potato dishes traditionally served with stewed apples.
Also a traditional dish is the Sauerbraten, a pickled marinated roast.

The surrounding low mountain ranges offer a lot of mineral springs - and so is mineral water a local product which is the favorite cold drink of many 'natives'. Be aware: Sparkling water is mostly called 'normal', if you want to drink non sparkling water you have to ask for 'stilles Wasser' - 'silent water'.

Around 1250 beer breweries are situated in Germany - and many of them at the Rhineland.