Tuesday, 2011-02-15 22:31 Age: 266 Days
Category: ISWC 2011

ISWC 2011 moves to Bonn

Recently, we have learned that Rhine-Moselle-Hall, the planned venue for ISWC 2011, might not be completed in time for us to hold the conference there. 

A significant delay in the reconstruction and the extension of the the Rhine-Moselle-Hall has shifted its completion deadline to the week immediately preceding the conference.

In order to avoid the risk of having to move the conference later, the organization committee has decided to act now and move the conference venue from Koblenz to Bonn. The Maritim hotel in Bonn is ideally suited to run a conference like ISWC with many workshops and a strong main programme.

You can check out the conference web site to find more details about the venue and the variety of accomodation in Bonn. Traveling to Bonn is easy with the international airport Cologne-Bonn serving many European destinations and a mere 90 minutes ride from Frankfurt international airport to the new venue.

Bonn is a friendly town of 320,000 inhabitants and academic home to almost 30,000 students. It was the previous capital of the Federal Republic of Germany and hosts many cultural attractions throughout the year. The local organization team of ISWC 2011 is composed by members of the Institute for Web Science and Technologies (WeST) at the University in Koblenz, located a mere 55km away from the venue, and the GESIS Leibniz institute for Social Sciences which has offices in Bonn, Mannheim and Cologne.