Friday, 2011-05-20 00:12 Age: 173 Days
Category: ISWC 2011

16 accepted Workshops

We are glad to announce the list of 16 accepted workshops. These are:

  • Consuming Linked Data
  • Detection, Representation, and Exploitation of Events in the Semantic Web
  • Knowledge Evolution and Ontology Dynamics
  • Linked Science
  • The Multilingual Semantic Web
  • Ontologies come of Age in the Semantic Web
  • Ontology Matching
  • Ordering and Reasoning
  • Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems
  • Semantic Personalized Information Management: Retrieval and Recommendation
  • Semantic Sensor Network Workshop
  • Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering
  • Social Data on the Web
  • Terra Cognita - Foundations, Technologies and Applications of the Geospatial Web
  • Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web
  • Web Scale Knowledge Extraction

Find more information here.